Pig auger auto feeding system named dry feeding system. We could give you our suggestion according to your pig farm.

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1. Realize the data statistics for automatic feeding and data system.
2. A breeder can feed 600 to 1200 sows.
3. Save over 50% of the labor, and take only one minute to feed 300 sows.
4. Adopt computer control system to save the costs.
5. The adjustable transparent distributor has a 0.25kg-3kg gear to control the feed intake of the pregnant sow.
6. Made of high quality material, durable.
7. Can supply pig different quantity of feeds according to the demand.
8. With a max capacity of 6L, it can also realize separate and accurate feeding.
9. Transparent bucket allows  observation.
10. Accurately dispenses a pre-determined amount of feed multiple times per day to individual sows.