Plastic Floor

  • Model Number: HY-PSF
  • Min. Order:400
  • Use:Pig, Goat, Sheep, Chicken
  • Material:PP
  • Size:600*600mm
Category: Product ID: 1613


Plastic slat floor is mainly using in the farrowing crate and nursery crate, made of the brand raw engineering polypropylene(PP)material and it’s wholly molded from plastic injection molding machine, with the reasonable stricture, high strength, high tenacity, better brittle resistance, strong load-bearing. 
According to the cross-section, there are three kinds:

1. The round surface plastic flooring:
600 * 600mm, 600 * 400mm
2. The hemicycle surface plastic flooring:
545 * 460mm, 500 * 600mm, 550 * 600mm
3. The flat surface plastic floor:
550 * 600mm, 500 * 600mm, 545 * 460mm
Also have the no-leakage plastic slatted floor: 600*600mm

Product advantage:

1. Provide a superior farrowing platform.
2. Help pigs have good environment cleaned.
3. Leak dung effectively, easy to clean and install.
4. Keep health for poultry
5. Thickening floor, strong compression resistance make it impossible to break by poultry.
6. Some different colors can be produced according to customers’ requirements.