Clockwork Global is the industry leader in pig farming equipment development, engineering design, manufacturing, installation, and sales.

We utilize the latest technology, farming techniques, and innovative solutions to provide the agricultural machinery industry, especially the pig farming sector, with all the essential resources. Then, the pig farming businesses will have easy access to high-tech equipment and solutions to help them progress along with the entire community.

We promote highly efficient and advanced breeding and farming equipment applicable in different farming systems across the world. Our service team and technical force are experienced and knowledgeable in setting product development, designing, manufacturing, installation, sales, and service.

Why US
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Our team of licensed and experienced engineers and research scientists designed all of our products and services. We have in-depth and years of experience in all phases of pig farming, pig management, facility design, nutrition, and sales.

We have a dedicated technical support team to address the needs of our customers. We always observe excellent customer service. Our team always welcomes challenges, innovations, and improvements to meet our customers' unique needs.

Strict Quality Control

We believe that trust always comes from quality. We want to make sure that our customers will get high quality farming equipment that will help them grow their business and revenue.

Excellent Customer Service

We are dedicated to providing everyone with customized farm services. Our customers can expect the best results from pig farming plans and design to custom equipment production to the professional installation guide.

Reliable Environmental Protection System

We ensure that the overall design and technology used to produce our products are backed up with a reliable environmental protection system. Our customers can have confidence with our pig farming equipment.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation

Our product designers are equipped with all the necessary experience, skills, knowledge, and training. We are geared towards continuous improvement. That way, we can provide our customers with innovative farming equipment and solutions that they deserve.
Innovative Solutions To Supply Efficient Pig Farming

We design and manufacture advanced pig farming equipment. All these products are developed and manufactured in our well-equipped factories. Through our combined dedication and corporate culture, we successfully exported our products to different continents.

Today’s achievements lie in our commitment to creating pig farming products and services with expertise and professionalism. Our sense of responsibility means we are striving to add value to our customers and business. We proactively solve problems and willingly adapt to the procedures and requirements of our clients.

Our business approach is distinctly efficient and innovative. We continuously look for new ways and opportunities to increase brand value and customer visibility. We draw on our extensive global networks to access the best partnership, contacts, and know-how from around the world.

As a diversified company, Clockwork Global is highly committed to producing top-notch quality:

  • Pig Farming Equipment Supplies
  • Farm Environmental Control Equipment
  • Pig Farrowing System
  • Pig Drinking System
  • Pig Feeding System
  • Pig Farming Solutions

High Operating Range 

While we supply various animal husbandry and agricultural products such as automated pig equipment, artificial pig insemination, veterinary equipment, etc., we also handle the construction and installation of automated equipment for large-scale farms.

We came up with pig equipment, artificial insemination supplies, pig farm automation engineering, farm automation feedwater system, heating and insulation system, and farm ventilation cooling system through our dedication and innovation.

We also promote the sale of pigs with sow production beds, automated feeding equipment, sow positioning bar, sow limit bar, sow production beds, nursery beds, drain manure, among others. We continue to diversify our pig products, equipment, and artificial insemination supplies.

Corporate Culture
The Leader Of Quality Pig Farming Equipment Suppliers

Clockwork Global actively fosters a corporate culture driven by a vibrant set of core values that respect its history. These core values allow us to provide sustainable and reasonable results for our customers, people, operations, and business.

The core values below underpin the behaviors and culture at Clockwork Global.


Our mission is to provide top-notch quality pig farming products to help our customers achieve business success and long-term interests. We also aim to reach team, enterprise, and social maximization.


Our vision is to build a one-stop procurement base for pig farming and other livestock products, targeting the international market. We also want us to be recognized as the most preferred partner when it comes to precision pig farming manufacturing solutions.

Core Values 

We ensure that we provide our customers with precision and state-of-the-art pig farming products, equipment, and solutions geared toward excellent business opportunities. Our high quality, customer-focused, and dependable products and services are designed with a high level of precision and customization.


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