Water is one of the essential nutrients consumed by pigs. It controls metabolic functions, gets rid of any metabolic waste, transports nutrients to different tissues, adjusts body temperature, increases milk production, and contributes to growth.

Although a pig loses half of its protein and fats, it can still live. But when it loses one-tenth of its body water, it will die, so it is important to give them enough access to water.

With a variety of drinking systems to choose from, what’s the best option to invest in? Worry no more! At Clockwork Global, we provide a pig drinking bowl and a pig water nipple drinker you should take into consideration. But which is better?

Pig Drinking Bowl

One of our best sellers thru the years is the pig drinking bowl. People have switched to this type of pig drinking system as it is more convenient. Below are a few reasons why you should invest in a pig drinking bowl:

Lower Energy Bills 

Unlike nipple drinkers, a drinking bowl reduces the amount of wastewater as it falls into the cup for pigs to drink. Since the water flows into the drinking bowl, pigs won’t get their heads and bodies wet. As you save water, you would also reduce your energy bills. This drinking system is more energy-efficient than nipple drinkers.

Less Manure to Deal With 

The water-saving qualities of a pig drinking bowl have a considerable and significant effect on livestock producers.

In a slatted farming facility, wastewater will fall into the pit just like the manure. While it might not be a big deal for small producers, commercial producers are far different as managing the manure will be more overwhelming.

For those who don’t know yet, wastewater dilutes the nutrient value of pig manure, increasing its volume.

But when water waste is reduced, manure can have a maximum of 10% of dry matter concentration. Nipple drinkers, on the other hand, only have 4%, meaning there’s more manure to deal with and get rid of, which can cause high transportation expenses.

Pig drinking bowls can indeed reduce extra hauling or application costs. They are 31% more efficient in piglet production and 25% in the finisher phase.

A Perfect Drinking System to Use for Medication 

Have you been spending high vaccine and drug costs in recent months? A pig drinking bowl got your back.

Experts say that small and commercial producers could reduce at least 50% of medication costs when a cup drinking system is used compared to a nipple drinker.

Nipple Drinkers

Another excellent alternative to a drinking bowl is a nipple drinker. While the amount of water waste is higher, don’t underestimate its functionality and performance. Below are some of its pros to know and weigh in mind:

Designed for Pigs to Drink Cleanly 

It is common for pig’s manure to fall into a drinking bowl. In a nipple drinker, your pigs can drink cleanly as it is well-designed. The pig needs to bite its stem to release water, which is relatively convenient.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting 

Similar to drinking bowls, a nipple drinker is durable and can withstand the elements, thanks to its cold heating steel and other special components. It is also packed with a threaded coupling that increases its durability and long-lasting performance.

Resistant to Corrosion 

Imagine your pigs drink water contaminated with rust. That would be a headache. Get it replaced with our nipple drinker as it is corrosion-resistant. Aside from cold heading steel, it is designed with a brass cap rated for its anti-corrosion and stable performance.

Theres no Water Leakage 

Nipple drinkers are available with a rubber sealing that connects with the rod tightly. So, you can say bye to water leakage as soon as the pig removes its mouth from the stem. The latter return to its closed position because of the elastic force from the rubber diaphragm.

Supply Hygienic and Safe Water 

It is clean and free of rust, keeping your pigs in good and perfect shape possible.

Easy to Install 

Some small and commercial livestock producers are afraid of a nipple drinker as they believe the drinking system is complicated to set up. But the truth is that a nipple drinker is easy to install. There’s no intensive knowledge required. If you find the process hard, we have an instructions manual you can follow.

It Doesnt Hurt Pigs 

While it looks like it would hurt pigs, a nipple drinker won’t because its edge is smooth while the grind is fine.

Which is Better?

If you want to save water and cut down expenses, a drinking bowl is a great choice.

If you prefer a corrosion-resistant and easy to install pig drinking system, a nipple drinker is a perfect option.

So, before you make any buying decision, be sure to identify your needs and goals! If you’re still confused about what to choose, contact Clockwork Global now!


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