Manual feeding of pigs is cost-effective and ideal for small producers. But as your farming business grows, it would be more difficult.

Imagine, you would feed dozens of pigs manually. That would be an extreme and serious workout every day.

But since you’re a business owner and you may have a busy schedule, a modern and high-end feeding system can save both your resources and time.

If you are planning to invest in a cutting-edge feeding system but don’t know where to begin, Clockwork Global is ready to assist farming businesses of all sizes.

We provide quality and affordable feeding systems, which are an excellent addition to businesses’ farming facilities.

Unlike the traditional way of feeding pigs, modern systems make it simpler and more convenient. You can get it done with just a press of a button so that you could focus on other important business aspects.

Signs You Need a Modern Pig Feeding System

Some livestock producers believe that a modern pig feeding system is not necessary. Others feel hesitant to invest in a pig feeding unit because of the cost.

But one day, you’d realize you need a pig feeding equipment. Here are a few common signs you should purchase an advanced feeding unit:

Farming Business Growth and Expansion

As your farming business grows, you could no longer manually feed dozens of pigs unless you have a number of workers. A state-of-the-art feeding system is ideal. Hiring too many people is not necessary. Also, feeding pigs will be stress-free and seamless.

The Market Demand is Getting High 

Running a farming business goes beyond feeding pigs. There are other aspects to deal with. But if you still practice the traditional way of feeding this type of livestock, you cannot focus on other things, affecting your revenues.

With an advanced pig feeding system, you could streamline the process, reaching the market’s demands and needs.

Unnecessary Expenses 

Are you paying off more expenses than monthly revenues in your farming business? Does the quality of your livestock keep declining in the past months? If yes, modern feeding tools might help. Not only can it increase efficiency, but it can also help you control the feeding process. You can cut down unnecessary costs while providing healthy and quality meat to your target market.

What Makes Our Pig Feeding System Different From Competitors? 

Probably, you’ve been searching for a feature-packed feeding system. Don’t look further than Clockwork Global!

Different Applications 

Whether you have a sow farm, piglet farm, or swine farm, our feeding system is a flexible option. You could install it on whatever type of farm you have. It is also easy to use, operate, and navigate. But don’t feel afraid to seek assistance from an experienced and certified professional.

Feed Delivery System is Automatic 

There’s no manual mixing of food. It’s automatic, saving your time and maximizing production. While feeding pigs, you could answer phone calls from clients, respond to concerns, supervise workers, improve your services, attend conference meetings, and find new investors. Although you’re finishing something important, you can guarantee your pigs are well fed and are in ideal shape.

The Feed Delivery System Controls the Feed in Silo 

Designed with the client’s convenience and satisfaction in mind, our feeding system controls the feed in silos and lines with precise monitoring.

If you have been using a feeding equipment with inaccurate control and monitoring, we have better options for you. It controls and monitors the feed in the silo with precision and reliability.

Available with a Vibrating Motor 

Another main concern for commercial or medium-sized producers is when the feed gets stuck in the silo. Using a pig feeding system, on the contrary, can address this problem because of its vibrating motor. So, you are certain that all pellets are not stuck.

It Delivers and Drops Liquid Feed or Pellets at Desired Time 

Before, delivering and dropping pellets and liquid feed in a silo was complicated. Things are different today. Our pig feeding systems are designed to deliver and drop pellets with accuracy, making it a worthwhile and wise investment to have.

It Can Be Customized

We don’t have a standard feeding system as we believe every farming business is different, so we take great pride in our customized options. We also tailor our feeding tools according to client’s requirements and objectives.

Made with Safe Materials 

The safety of your livestock is our number one goal. Our feeding system is free of any toxic material that could cause harm to your pigs. We comply with the best industry practices and follow the trends.

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