Perhaps you’re planning to expand your farming business. Maybe, the market demands are continually increasing. Probably, you have a limited team of workers. Maybe, you want to streamline your daily operation but don’t know where to begin.

Clockwork Global is the industry’s top leader, providing an innovative and experts-recommended solution for small, medium-sized, and large pig farms in China, South America, Africa, Europe, and other parts of the world.

Whether you’re expanding your farming business or planning to scale up your daily operations, Clockwork Global can turn your goals into reality with our farm environmental control equipment, pig farrowing system, drinking system, feeding equipment, and more.

Our Services For Pig Farms of All Sizes 

We are an expert in animal farm design and construction, trusted by millions of small and commercial producers not only in China but also in other countries across the world. We also specialize in the following:

Housing Construction 

Clockwork Global is the go-to company for businesses looking for farming facility construction. We have a team of certified workers who have handled thousands of pig housing construction projects in the past years.

We’re meticulous in designing and building any farming facility to exceed clients’ expectations. We only use the highest quality of materials, follow the industry’s best practices, and comply with national and international standards, making us stand out from competitors.

Pig housing construction takes time, so we strive to complete any project according to farming businesses’ schedule. Our skilled workers are versatile, adaptable, and dedicated to delivering quick and quality facility construction services.

State-of-the-art and advanced technology is also part of our operation. We invest in professional-grade and top-notch equipment to streamline the process, maximize quality, promote efficiency, and reduce safety risks.

Intelligent Climate Computer Control 

Studies show that the human population is estimated to increase from 7.2 to 9.6 billion in 2050, so the global standard of living is no exception. The demand for agricultural products will reach up to 70%. Worldwide milk production is expected to increase to 1077 million tonnes in the same year. Meat production will also double.

Livestock production, however, is likely to be affected by climate change. More particularly, both the quality and quantity of feeds are expected to decline. Livestock diseases will be common. Biodiversity loss and heat stress will also be a never-ending dilemma.

Investing in intelligent climate computer control might help. A sudden change in temperature in a pig farming facility is monitored and even controlled with accuracy and reliability. The condition in pig housing centers is properly maintained, resulting in quality and enough meat production.

More than housing construction, Clockwork Global manufactures and designs climate computer control and other equipment that are available at the most competitive rate. Visit our catalog for further details or contact us now!

Automatic Feeding and Drinking System

Manual livestock feeding and drinking are inconvenient and inefficient, especially when a farming business starts to grow.

Imagine, you’d mix lots of liquid feeds and pellets for dozens of livestock every day. That would be time-consuming and overwhelming to handle.

Clockwork Global dreams of helping small and commercial producers make their farming operations more convenient, effective, and stress-free with our automatic feeding and drinking system.

Our automatic feeding equipment is designed to monitor and control pellets and liquid feeds without extensive or difficult operation, saving your time and other resources.

For our drinking systems, we have a variety of options to choose from. We have pig drinking bowls and nipple drinkers. Our pig drinking bowls are perfect for those who want to avoid unnecessary costs. We also recommend our nipple drinkers to farming businesses who prefer corrosion-resistant, long-lasting, and user-friendly drinking systems. Contact us for more information!

Delivery and Installation of Equipment 

We deliver any pig farming equipment directly to your doorsteps as quickly as possible without a long waiting time, thanks to our reputable partners from around the world.

Quick and reliable installation is also part of our services as we have a team of qualified and capable installers you can trust.

Serving the industry for years, we have completed a number of installation projects in China. We never take shortcuts, and we have attention to detail without compromising quality, innovation, excellence, and transparency.

Make Your Dreams Happen With Clockwork Global!

Have you been searching for pig farm solutions that would level up the operation, production, and revenues of your farming business?

Don’t look further than Clockwork Global! We specialize in housing construction and pig farming equipment catered to client’s requirements.

We believe that every farming business is different, so we provide what’s best for everyone, making us the sought-after expert in the field.

So, what’s your thought? Send us your queries at [Insert email] or contact us today.

We’re always proud to be part of your farming business’s growth and development.




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