Are you looking for a trusted, reputable, and sought-after pig farming equipment supplier for your small, medium-sized, or large pig farming business? Your long wait is finally over with Clockwork Global!

We are a top industry leader, specializing in both animal farm design and construction in China, serving millions of startups and well-established companies from all over the world, including South America, the USA, Singapore, Korea, Africa, Europe, Malaysia, Indonesia, and more.

We have proven decades of experience in pig farming development, engineering design, manufacturing, and installation that has been trusted by pig farming businesses of all sizes across the globe.

Since then, we stay committed to delivering the best for our valued clients out there. From the highest quality of products, fair rate to compliant practices, Clockwork Global has them all.

Whether you’re searching for professional-grade and competitively priced pig farming equipment, you have come to the most trustworthy company in the industry.

What Sets Us Apart from other Pig Farming Equipment Suppliers? 

Clockwork Global has been the top manufacturer of pig farming equipment in China and across the continent for years. We remain the go-to supplier for many companies throughout the decade. Here’s what makes us stand out from the rest:


All our pig farming equipment is compliant with the existing international standards. We adhere to the best practices in farm design and construction that our clients have witnessed thru the years. Your satisfaction or happiness is our top priority. We’re also dedicated to providing animal farming machinery that can withstand the test of time, helping you cut down unnecessary costs.

Professional and Experienced Team 

Clockwork Global is surrounded by only the best professionals in the farming equipment industry. Our team consists of eager, experienced, and trained workers that have attention to detail. We never take shortcuts during designing and constructing equipment from scratch. We also adapt the newest trends to always meet the changing demands of our target market in all corners of the world.

Made with the Finest Materials 

We never compromise the quality, functionality, performance, and flexibility of our animal farming equipment. We design and construct our products with the finest, cutting-edge, and top-grade materials, increasing their longevity. Our options are tailored to the animal’s safety and needs in mind.

Competitive Rate for Businesses With Different Budget Requirements 

The price of our pig farming equipment varies, reaching clients’ budget needs. We have a wide collection of choices, helping businesses find what they want.

Our pig farming equipment is not only of great quality but also available at a good rate you deserve. A good addition to your animal farming, our options can keep your business organized, easy to operate, clean, and secure.

A Wide Variety of Choices

Clockwork Global is recognized as a one-stop pig farming equipment supplier. We have all kinds of products for an animal farming business. We have a farrowing system, drinking system, feeding system, and more. Please feel free to browse our site for further details!

A Glimpse of Some of Our Products 

Pig Nursery Pen 

Piglets are sensitive to a drastic change of temperature, and using the right nursery pen can be a lifesaver. What makes our pen different from others is that it is packed with a BMC leakage dung plate and rated for its quality heat preservation effect. There’s no welding required. You can have it installed as if nothing happened.

Designed with a reasonable size design, our pig nursery pen can meet the needs of your piglets. There’s also an automatic feeder made of stainless and other special materials. A perfect choice to prevent germs from spreading, our nursery pen can keep your new piglets safe from any illness.

Another advantage of our pig nursery pen is that it requires the easy installation and simple maintenance. It is also rated for its alkali and acid resistance, which can last for approximately 15 years or more.

Gestation Crate Sow Stalls 

Want to save space and manage pregnant sows? Our gestation crate sow stalls got you covered! The pipe is made of galvanized steel with enough power coating. Easy to maintain, our crate sow stalls are durable and rust-resistant, helping businesses save some cash. Developed with a lock system, crate sow stalls guarantee that your pig eats what it needs.

Slatted Floor

We also manufacture slatted floors for pigs while following a high-end molding process using quality polypropylene copolymer and other finest materials. Our slatted floor is sturdy and long-lasting, making it a perfect addition to your pig farming equipment.

Whether you have an existing barn or are planning to create another, our slatted floor comes with different sizes, designs, styles, as well as grid configurations.

Contact Us! 

Clockwork Global is a one-stop pig farming equipment supplier of nursery pins, crate sow stalls, slatted floor, and other animal farming business products.

So, schedule an appointment today! We would be glad see you succeed!


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