It’s a big loss for livestock farming businesses whenever piglets die because of the limited and traditional facilities. Installing a pig farrowing system can make a huge difference as it can reduce piglet mortality and protect sows from any possible danger.

Other benefits of a pig farrowing system are discussed below. Take a close look at the following:

Control the Sows Movement

Piglet mortality increases whenever sows lie down or move. The installation of a farrowing crate controls their movement, saving piglets from injuries or death.


Although there are many indoor alternatives to consider, a pig farrowing system should be your top priority as it is economical. While it keeps your piglets safe, it won’t cost an arm or a leg. It is competitively priced, reaching your unique budget needs.

Space Saving 

Another advantage of a pig farrowing system is that it won’t use a big space in your small, medium-sized, or large farming facility. It is space-saving, which can generally fit into a 3.6 square meter.

At Clockwork Global, our pig farrowing systems are available of different sizes, shapes, and designs to choose from. Feel free to give us a call for more information!

Efficient and Functional 

Unlike conventional indoor alternatives, modern pig farrowing systems are a tried and tested tool in keeping the working condition efficient.

Usually built with partially or fully slatted floors, farrowing crates facilitate a great level of hygiene, which is perfect for sensitive piglets.

One of the main concerns for pig farming businesses is how to maintain their facility. A farrowing crate makes it less stressful and more convenient.


A farrowing system controls the movement of the sow. Therefore, you can handle piglets safely and carefully without any distraction. It also avoids other unnecessary efforts, giving pig farming businesses ample time to focus on other important aspects.

Clockwork Global – Your Go-To Manufacturer of Pig Farrowing Systems 

Clockwork Global is a one-stop supplier of pig farming equipment, including farrowing crates. We design and construct farrowing units while staying compliant with the local, national, and international standards.

Here are what livestock farming companies enjoy with our pig farrowing crates:


Who wants to invest in less sturdy farrowing systems? Nobody likes that. Clockwork Global strives to offer durable farrowing crates for your sows of different sizes.

Designed with a galvanized pipe, our farrowing systems are also made of the finest and the highest quality components, boosting their durability.

If you have used less durable farrowing units, get them replaced with our sturdy products today. We’d love to serve you!

Fantastic Corrosion Resistance

It’s an eyesore to have a farrowing crate that’s rusty. It’s also unhygienic, which is not ideal for sows and piglets. Say bye to any inconvenience with our farrowing systems.

From the floor, piglet feeder, sow feeder to pipes, everything is corrosion resistant and water-proof. Thanks to cast iron and galvanized components.

A farrowing crate that’s not resistant to rust is difficult to maintain. Our products cannot only withstand rust but do not also require intensive maintenance. They are also easy to clean.

Long-Lasting Performance 

It is always tempting to invest in the cheapest farrowing crates. But avoid that thought in mind. It is better to purchase farrowing systems that are available at a competitive rate.

Here at Clockwork Global, our collection of farrowing systems can last for decades without causing farming businesses a fortune.

Who wants to get their farrowing crates replaced more often than necessary? Of course, people love to invest in a quality and long-lasting investment. Browse our catalogs to find the best crate.

Available in Different Sizes 

We don’t have a standard farrowing crate as we have a variety of sizes to pick from. Whether you have medium-sized or large sows, we have a perfect style and design you should take into account.

If you don’t know a perfect size yet, we have excellent and accommodating customer service you can depend on. Our team is more than willing to respond to your concerns and queries.


What sets our farrowing crates different from competitors is that they are animal-friendly. Each unit consists of a buffer bar, adjust bar, and a back door design.

The buffer bar is responsible for slowing the sow down to prevent its piglets from getting harmed.

On the other hand, the adjust bar can make the unit suit for piglets of different ages.

The back door design is also adjustable and can offer a comfortable environment according to the sizes of your sows.

Add Our Farrowing Crates to Your Cart! 

Have you been using a rusty, low-quality, and inefficient farrowing system for months now? If yes, our crates are a superb investment. From great durability to corrosion resistance, our farrowing units are a complete package for farming businesses. Call us today for further details!



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